Tremblex Inc. has been in the business of providing concierge-level property management services to luxury vacation homes in the Mont-Tremblant area since 2018.


We offer year-round, full-service attention to detail to fit all our clients’ needs.

Best practices are implemented from the beginning.  We work from customized, detailed, full-year property maintenance plans that are reviewed with each client annually.


Our in-depth record keeping allows us to provide detailed invoicing and proof of fulfillment of insurance requirements if necessary.


Our staff receives regular training in the proper and safe operation of all equipment. Health and safety are a priority and are practiced diligently.  All our staff is fully bonded, discreet, and professional.  


We carry all necessary insurance and certifications for job site requirements.


Tremblex Inc. has developed relationships with a variety of subcontractors who are able to provide expertise and knowledge in areas that require special services.  


Mont-Tremblant has always been a four-season destination.  There are complications in sustaining properties through the harsh freeze/thaw cycle of our winters.  Countless chores are required to maintain the property throughout the year which can be time-intensive.  It is known that one of the greatest luxuries – is time.  


We remove the burden of property maintenance so you have the peace of mind to simply enjoy time spent with family and friends rather than spending those precious hours on maintenance and upkeep.


At Tremblex Inc. we believe in maintaining your property as if it were our own in order to provide you with peaceful, worry-free, quiet enjoyment of your vacation home.


We understand the value of your cottage and property and have the expertise to know what needs care and maintenance to prevent mishaps before they can take place. Our professional staff and subcontractors know what to look for throughout your estate, buildings, and the array of systems it takes to keep your property running.


With access to our full range of concierge services, you can have your groceries and other supplies delivered to your cottage before you arrive. Upon arrival, your grounds will be pristine, your fireplace will be ready for a match, you will simply need to relax and enjoy.


Our commitment to our clients is that we provide the highest standard of professional, customized service while operating in the most effective and cost-conscious manner. Our staff strives to be adaptable, responsive and courteous at all times. We plan to exceed your expectations.


Samuel Fournier


Tremblex Inc.